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(no subject)  
10:10pm 19/05/2008
 OKay, I must say... I am pissed! Tonight's season finale of OTH was AWFUL!

First off... Dan.

How could they do that?! He gets hit by a car AND THEN his heart transplant thing goes off! That made me scream.

And Lucas... I swear I'm done with OTH if Lucas ends up with Lindsey. I can handle Brucas in small doses but if they get married I'm probably done. I'll still watch it but I won't be happy. He is supposed to be with Peyton. They show started off with a triangle invovling Leyton. It has always been Leyton. They need to be together.

Okay so now for some happy ranting!

The Paley scene on the cafe roof.. LOVE! It was so sweet. I have been dying for a scene like that all season.

The Nathan/Jamie interaction tonight was ADORABLE! And I enjoyed Naley in the pool with Jamie. That was really adorable. (That's saying a lot... I HATE Naley.)

Haley singing again... I have been dying for her to sing again since she stopped. She has talent she needs to show it off.

Brooke broke my heart tonight. Having to give up Angie after calling herself 'momma' ripped my heart out. Anyone else think she should hook up with the hot doctor?

Mouth was amazing tonight. I loved the Mouth/Millie interaction. And Mouth taking a stand, that was perfection.
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(no subject)
05:10am 20/05/2008 (UTC)
Hell yeah Brooke should hook up with the hot doctor!!!
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