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(no subject)  
12:37am 23/03/2008
Title: Addict
Fandom: One Tree Hill
Characters: Rachel, Haley
Word Count: 214
Rating: PG 13
Author's Notes: Rachel’s POV. I know Delilah isn’t Haley’s real middle name but I don’t know it so I’m using it.
would have laughed if when I first met Haley James you told me she was an addict. I wish I could still laugh and say you were lying. Truth is I can’t. Haley is an addict.
Haley Delilah James is a cocaine addict.
That pains me to say. No one would know from looking at her. I didn’t believe it until I saw her doing a line. I didn’t want to believe it. I kept telling myself it was a nightmare. I caught her again a week later. I can’t convince myself that it’s a nightmare any longer.
Haley Delilah James is an addict.
Sweet, innocent Haley Delilah James is an addict.
It’s hard to believe isn’t it? Haley James the good girl. Haley James the rock star. I hate that she went on tour. It was the pressure from it that got her started. It got worse when Nathan wouldn’t take her back. Now I have to live with the withdraws. I’m the one who holds her when she’s shaking so bad I’m scared she’ll hurt herself. I’m the one who has to convince her everyday that she’s better off without the cocaine.
Haley Delilah James, my girlfriend, will no longer be an addict. As long as I’m around she’ll be sober.
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(no subject)
06:35am 23/03/2008 (UTC)
crimsonredmagic: Raley
That was so good. Really sad. Go Rachel though with the last line!
picword: Raley
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(no subject)
06:40am 23/03/2008 (UTC)
whatyousaytome: Rachel tears
Thank you hon. This was definitly one of the sadder fics I've wrote.

I forgot about the table this one came from. I think if I can find the right prompts I might continue this one.
picword: Rachel tears
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