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One Tree Hill; Rachel Gattina/Haley James  
07:49pm 18/03/2008
I thought I would post my challenge fics here. It helps me keep up with them easier.

TITLE: Romance
AUTHOR: Abigail
FANDOM: One Tree Hill
PAIRING: Rachel Gattina/Haley James (Raley)
GENRE: Femslash
PROMPT: 001. Romance
SUMMARY: It’s a word for people who are happy and in love. I’m in love but not happy.
NOTES: Told from Haley’s POV.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing.

I despise the word. It’s a word for people who are happy and in love. I’m in love but not happy. Romance is just another stupid word for Valentine’s Day. I despise Valentine’s Day as well. Call me bitter if you will but I’m not. I’m just unhappy.
Giggling. I sigh and turn to see the redhead of my dreams giggling at something Brooke said. Brooke. I despise her. I know it’s wrong because she’s my friend but I can’t help it. She lives with the girl of my dreams. What am I supposed to? Be happy about it?
I sigh and turn back around. I can’t take it anymore. I’m supposed to be happy and in love with Nathan. I’m not though. I’m in love with the redhead who’s giggling at something Brooke said. Life is so unfair.
Closing my eyes, I try to block out all the sounds around me except for her silky laugh. Opening my eyes I see a single red rose lying on my desk. I look up to see that smile I love so much directed at me.
Maybe romance isn’t so bad. Maybe romance really is for the people who are happy and in love. As long as she’s around I’ll be both
music: Running Up That Hill - Placebo
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(no subject)
02:27am 19/03/2008 (UTC)
crimsonredmagic: Raley
That was so great. I've been craving a little raley lately. Awesome job.
picword: Raley
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(no subject)
02:54am 19/03/2008 (UTC)
Aw, thanks hon. I'm in a Raley mood. I might write a few Raley fics tonight to get caught up on my challenges.
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(no subject)
03:11am 19/03/2008 (UTC)
well you have my solemn oath to read and review everyone
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