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whatyousaytome's Journal

Well there's not much to tell. I'm an open person so if you have questions just ask. If you want my Yahoo Instant messanger/e-mail address just ask. I have a hotmail e-mail address but I deleted MSN IM.

Books: mystery, fantasy, really just anything that can hold my attention. I have ADD so thats sometimes hard.

TV: Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Supernatural.. this list is growing since I discovered Netflix will send you seasons of shows. I have the Buffy series lined up to be ordered soon. And my parents have a lot of shows from the 80's so expect to see more soon.

Movies: I perfer horror/scary movies, perferbly the classics (Friday the 13th, Nightmare on elm street, Halloween) I like a few romance and dramas as well.

Music: I'm a music junkie. I'm mostly rock and country. I AM OBSESSED WITH NICKELBACK. Everyone who knows me tells me I'm stalker potential. I'm IN LOVE with Chad Kroeger.