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03:13pm 30/03/2008

When I get more free time I have lots of ficlets to post. I've been writting them off the computer I just haven't had a chance to type them up. Expect some updates here soon though.

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10:47pm 30/03/2008 (UTC)
crimsonredmagic: catfighter
I'm waiting!! Me right here *Waves hands around to get attention*

In other words I wanna read.

Also fandom advice - Do you think I should post a master list of my fanfiction and fan videos on my lj.
picword: catfighter
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11:53pm 30/03/2008 (UTC)
whatyousaytome: Karen - OMG
Hopefully I can get them posted sometime this week.

I would if you want to keep up with everything you've done and if you want to catch the interest of random people who are passing through your page.
picword: Karen - OMG
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